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Queen of Hearts

First setting sail in 1987, the Queen of Hearts has remained a superb destination for dinner parties, sightseeing tours, and plenty of casual nightlife events. You could say this boat was built to party, and we certainly believe so. Aboard this double-decker treasure lies a fun, relaxing atmosphere that allows it’s guest to let loose and be themselves. The spectacular views of NYC don’t exactly hurt the experience either. Keep reading and find out more about one of our most beloved casual party yachts.  

The Queen of Hearts

Step inside this comfy, cozy venue and prepare yourselves for a night to remember. This double-decker party destination will bring out the party animal in you. It’s two interior decks are climate-controlled and stacked with the right amenities to facilitate any gathering. The Queen of Hearts is as comfy as she is spacious. Which is saying a lot.

Make your way to the top of The Queen of Hearts and bask in the fresh air at the sky deck. This lovely area has a turf like flooring and lawn chairs that give the deck an outdoor rooftop lounge feel. Get premium views of NYC and while enjoying an epic party.

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Pier 36- 299 South Street
New York, NY 10002

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